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Snow Sugar LLC


Brand new for us is our 'Rave' page. Here is where we share just a few of the wonderful comments we receive. Keep them coming.

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"It is very hard to order outdoor and Ski/Snowboarding attire over the internet and have it live up to your expectations. I was blown away by the quality and fit of the pixie pants. They are sexy but could fit a variety of body types. Additionally, the level of customer service provided to me was a rarity. For that reason alone I will only order from Snow Sugar in the future my specific needs. I suggest to order two of everything because you will be regretting you didn't once you receive you lovely package."

Jamie from Austin, Texas  12/14


"Hi Jason!

  I'm glad my email was funny haha.  I mean,  let's be honest.   Sexy and sausage are merely steps away!   I actually found out about your company in 2013 at Denver's Snowboard on the Block event.   I won't even lie.   My initial impression,  was "Wow.  Who cares how feminine you look".  Then,  I checked out your website (because that's what good critic's do right).  There was a statement that sold me pretty darn quickly.  It was "Your boyfriend wants his pants back".  And then,  flashbacks.

  Now don't get me wrong.   I love looking like a thug on the slopes.   What I don't love,  is being mistaken for a pre pubescent teenage boy lol.  I have it bad enough as is proving that I am 24 and not 16.... Can we not make me a boy too, please?

   In 2013, I was very much pregnant,  so boarding was out of the question.  This year though,  baby has since vacated the premises (she will be boarding with us),  and I'm damn proud of how I look.   Heck.   I look better then I did before being pregnant.  You bet your sweet biscuits I want to show off a smudge haha.  My modeling career may be on hold,  but the sports I do won't ever be, and I will be damned if I don't want to look good in the saddle or on the slopes

   Like I said initially,  I honestly thought that your product was too girly.   But when I actually took the time to stop and think about it, it was extremely innovative in the world of winter sports.   I finally have the option to at least look like a chic,  and not just another bro on the mountain.  I can get all the protection,  and look good doing it.   I don't have to look like a poof ball.  I can look like a woman.  Too me, that is a huge step for women in this sport or lifestyle.   We either have to look good,  or sacrifice style.   Well now,  we can do both and NOT have to break the bank.

  Anyway.   My order is placed for some white chocolate pixie pants, my questions have been answered,  and raves sent.   Now,  I just have to wait and see!   I'm hoping for a good clean fit with no sausage busting:D"

Veronica from Aurora, Colorado 12/14


"Again, your email was extremely nice and I am touched by the gift of the free long-sleeve t-shirt.  I found out about Snowsugar in a very random way;)  I was poking around on ebay at some Moncler down coats for sale and someone listed a Snowsugar cupcake coat as "better than Moncler" so it got thrown in my search.  I liked it and decided to google the product to see what else the company had to offer!  I was super excited to find out about you guys and even more stoked about the sale that day!  Watched all the runway shows on your site and thoroughly checked out every single product, falling in love with most everything and the concept.  I have been skiing with my boarder husband for almost 15 years and it's always been about looking like a girl and having some style when I'm on the mountain.  So glad a company like this is out there:)

Mackenzie from Clive, Iowa 12/14


"Hi Snow Sugar,

Love love love my jacket. Every time I wear my Hoodie à la mode jacket I get stopped like I'm a celebrity:-) so happy."

Susan from New York 11/14


"Sonya, I absolutely love my coat. So much fun wearing this jacket."

Julie from Salt Lake 11/14


"It's freezing in Denver!!! It's amazing how warm I feel and still look great"

Taylor from Denver 11/14



Just tried my Pixie Pants for the first time.

Man, I seriously love these pants. They are flattering and warm. I have worn them 3 x's skiing now and will wear them snowshoeing. They are super comfy too!

I thought they'd be too short because I'm 5'8" but they are just right."

Sara from Salt Lake 11/14


"You should rename the Rocky Road suit - the Rock Star suit, since that's how I feel wearing it. lol"

Ellen from Vail 11/14


"It was so fun meeting you in Tredbo, Australia. I love my Hoodie jacket. Can't wait to get a pair of Pixie Pants. Hope to see you soon."

Rebecca from Syndey Australia 07/14